New York, USA

Wednesday 2nd of August 2006

Place: New York, USA to Frankfurt, Germany
Climate: warm and sunny, 250C
Health: Henk & Anit in good condition
Thought of the day: Europe is always covered with the thick layer of clouds (Anit) 1 year of summer, hopefully we will also catch a bit of the summer in Europe (Henk)


Our flight with Singapore Airlines was great which we did expect because we rate this airlines the best in the world. Very friendly and professional stewardesses, good food, good organization, good entertainment program. At 2pm local time we arrived in Frankfurt, Germany. From there we took a small plane to Munster, from where it was 1 hour to Henk’s home in the Netherlands. Henk’s family would pick us up from there.

Yes, it was incredibly strange feeling to be back home…in Europe. Our first impressions after landing were: cold, clouds, people’s faces were unhappy, angry, not smiling, stressed; people themselves were in rush, running somewhere and we didn’t know where and why…
We miss Guatemala…a country of relaxed and smiling people who have time to stop and talk to you, who know how to enjoy the small things…
We experienced so much during the trip, we met fantastic people, we saw strange things, we were everywhere…but also discovered new places where we want to go on the next trip…the world became small for us…
We want to thank all the people we met on this trip. You are the part of our adventures and you contributed to our great experience.

We also want to thank all the people who followed us on this website. You supported us and we hope you enjoyed sharing with us our adventures.


Thank you all and see you on our next trip!!!